FUSE for Windows: Status update March 2008

Not a lot have happend since the last status update on FUSE for Windows. I have moved a bit around, so I have got time to hack on WinFUSE, but according to Walco’s Oct 22nd, 2007 comment:

A small update on the rent-a-coder project: I’ve contacted the developer, and he told me the fuse-win32 code cannot be published under the extended contract with the software buyer, at least not for the coming four months. Another interesting note is that the API is Fuse inspired, but not 100% Fuse compatible.

Which means that by now QualityDev should be allowed to release his code.

I have made a new bid request for QualityDev, now that he might be able to open source his code.

I think its very important to be 100% FUSE API compatiable. So creating a cross platform filesystem can be as easy as creating any other cross platform application. So even if QualityDev releases his code will have to make it 100% compliant.

If this fails I suggest that we begin reimplementing FUSE for Windows, which might make it easier to port it to other Windows versions.
I plan to spend this year’s The Camp events on FUSE for Windows, either re-engineering it, or porting it to other windows platforms. You are more than welcome to join, but hurry we have limited capacity (40).

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  • I’m developing Dokan: user-mode file system for Windows. http://decas-dev.net/en
    Currently my API is not compatible with FUSE, but in the future I want to make FUSE compatible wrapper.
    If you are intereted my library, please contact me.


  • Hi Hiroki,

    It looks promising, however it’s unfortunately not usable in this context with the current license. FUSE for Windows should be under LGPL, or similar. It shouldn’t be restricted to non-commercial use only. It would be great if you are up for a license change. Please, tell me if you are.

    Another thing, several places on your site you call it for FUSE for Windows, even throug its not FUSE compatible. It would be much more precise to call it FUSE-alike for Windows or something else which makes it clear that it’s not an implementation of FUSE for Windows, but is a User-mode file system for Windows just like FUSE is for Linux/Mac/FreeBSD/…

    Just like Eldos doesn’t say that Callback FS is FUSE for Windows, but says that it provides the same functionality on Windows.


  • I’ve been looking for quite a while for a “FUSE for windows” or similar, preferably in Java. :) An interesting approach is to run a CIFS (Samba) Server and let Windows connet to it, as done by
    http://www.alfresco.com/products/aifs/ (Java)
    http://us3.samba.org/samba/ (C )
    However, a real file system driver might be more stable. Would be great to have an L-GPL Fuse for Windows!

  • Well, you may want to look at this:



    I have read it: It is a research paper describing a so called “proxy device”, relaying filesystem and driver calls from the kernel-interface to userland-services. Device and filesystem drivers using this do only need to interface with COM.

    It is from 1997, don´t know wether it has made progress into current windows versions.

    Maybe someone googles up something about it or could directly ask some microsoft dev or similar.

  • Hello,

    maybe you will be interested in this one very fresh project:


    It’s in russian, but there is also a link to Mercurial repo.

    I didn’t tried it yet, will check in a day or two.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Jacob Alifrangis

    I have to warn you, FUSE is covered by the GPL, which means that the port of FUSE is also covered by GPL, and you are required to release it.

    Make sure that you do this soon or we will contact the EFF and file a GPL Violation.

  • It may be looking at one of the two ext2ifs implementations for windows to get an idea of how to implement the ifs part.

    Fuse on windows and later gvfs would be excellent I think

  • It seems like dokan has changed to MIT LGPL


  • Here is dokan-based FUSE implementation for windows platfom.

    AFAIK, API is 100% FUSE-compatible, and at least ntfs-3g works under this port.

    License is LGPL.


    Unfortunately, project seems to be discontinued, but as it is lgpl’ed, anyone can continue development: for example, implement a bundle with installer, gui and most popular FUSE FS drivers like ntfs-3g, fuse-ext2, etc.

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