Microsoft Corruption Perceptions Index

Last time we had a OOXML ballot, EFFI compared the votes against CPI. Back then we saw a big similarity. But this time the general CPI index seams to be more or less useless. Friday, Danish Standards Association (DS, representing Denmark in ISO) changed the Danish vote to yes even through the committee “voted” 8-4 against. If you look on the current CPI numbers you will see that Denmark is on a shared 1st place, with a rating of 9.4 on a scale from 1 (very corrupt) – 10 (less corrupt). According to informations presented by Leif Lodahl, the order not to vote, and let DS decide should come from the government. Has one of the least corrupt countries been bought by Microsoft? Apparently, yes. Is this the first time? Do you remember the blackmailing a few years ago? As a Groklaw reader commented back then:

Never pay the blackmailer, they’ll just come back for more.

Well, as you can read on they did, and now they asked for more.

So one of the highest ranking countries in the CPI index have been bought, so have Norway (CPI2007: 9th / 8.7) their committee have voted 21-2 against OOXML, but ended up voting yes.

In Germany the committee was limited to 20 members, many of which ended up being filled by Microsoft Gold Partners.

If Microsoft so desperately want it’s own named in front of everything, then lets give them their own CPI. So we know which country to migrate to? If there are any left, or do we just have to join the convicted monopolist for the champagne?
I certainly don’t hope so. Let’s see:

Click on the map for highres png, or download the SVG file.

Country MCPI CPI2007 Reason
Denmark 3.0-3.9 1st / 9.4

For now I have given Denmark a MCPI score of 3-3.9. I know theres a lot more, but I have only mentioned the grave ones because I’m not trying to write a book here.

Norway 5.0-5.9 9th / 8.7

I have given them a 5-5.9 rating because I don’t know if Microsoft have a previous record in Norway.

Germany 6.0-6.9 16th / 7.8

I haven’t followed the case close enough so I wouldn’t judge them to hard, but just give them a 6-6.9 rating for now.

All scores currently filed are very likely to change and more countries gets rated.

Please supply me with some other rating suggestions in the comments supplied with documentation. The more countries we can get in the index the better.

Another thing, why was Microsoft even allowed to vote in the committees? Microsoft should be considered ineligible to vote on their own standard proposal.